for microscopy

        How everything got


The company „Waldemar Knittel Glasbearbeitungs GmbH“ was founded in 1987 by Mister Waldemar Knittel in Braunschweig. Our declared goal is to produce and sell microscope slides and coverglass of the highest quality as consistent, high-class mounting materials for

  • Microscopy
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Biology
  • Geology et al.

Displaying entrepreneurial spirit, courage, and many years of practical experience, Mr. Waldemar Knittel established a prosperous, globally renowned company. Today, the company has around 100 employees and manufactures at three locations selling more than 400 million slides and coverglass a year. The world-wide distribution of KNITTEL products is carried out exclusively by selected and highly qualified dealers for laboratory-health-products and disposables with strong connections to our company and especially to our products.

         The challenge

The market is looking for state of the art products and service that meet the needs of the customers. It is our aim to offer the best product at the best price. We continually adjust our targets in view of quality as well as in cost-savings in production.

           Our range of


Today, the production of Waldemar Knittel Glasbearbeitungs GmbH comprises the full range of slides and coverglass, from our cheapest, the cut edge slides to our twin frost slides, to our ground edge slides with different edges (e.g. 45°, 90°, bevelled), and various surface treatments (e.g. twin frosted and single frosted). Additionally, we offer concavity slides and counting chambers for various applications, as well as printed slides with and without selective coatings.

Our unique, licenced StarFrost® product range with our registered trademark, the StarFrost® adhesive slides and our application orientated or customised diagnostic slides are available in various colours.

Our high-quality coverglass is available as squares, rectangles or as circles in different dimensions and thicknesses and can be used manually or within automatic coverslippers. Further, we offer our Starbox®, especially designed for medical practice as a very lightweight archive box made of a non-polluting foam, as well as alcohol resistant Markers.

Our sensitivity to quality

Our operating efficiency can only fulfil the customers requirements if it is to the customer’s desired quality. Therefore, our quality must permanently be in harmony with the expectations of our customers. Quality also means compliance with agreed standards.

Most of our products are standard items which are manufactured in certified series according to the strict quality regulation of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Dimensions conform to international standards and scientifically proved physical and chemical properties, while meeting the special requirements of customers’ e.g. special customised packaging, is a routine process for us.

Our company has faced the challenge of the extended EC market and offers, on request, CE-marked IVD slides and coverglass in accordance to the EC directive 98/79.

Innovations and synergies

The success of our company can only be guaranteed by product innovation and new ideas. Therefore, besides the technical and organisational issues we need the know-how and the experience of our employees.

Synergies from the technical skills of our engineering department in Bielefeld (Engineering), which supplies, among other things, robots and handling systems for the sheet glass industry, glass machining centres and production lines and our own extensive experience in glass manufacturing, contribute to the new products and cost saving production systems that are developed within our company and therefore secure our future, reduce our costs and keep us updated.